Urinary Diseases of pets

Urinary Diseases of pets

Many pets have urinary tract infections, bladder or kidney stones, urinary blockage, tumors or even cancer, birth defects, neurological, hormonal and even behavior problems. Females are more prone to stones and males have more urinary blockage. Genetically certain breeds are more prone some diets have higher risks.

Your pet needs to be checked if he/she has some of these symptoms: elimination at unusual places or behavior changes, frequent urination or incontinent and straining (sitting longer in litter pan in cats), blood stains in urine or not acting normal.

The bladder stones are mostly diagnosed by sending these stones to Laboratory for stone analysis pets can be managed by feeding Prescription. We are here to help you by helping your pet. Give us a call to make an appointment if you are concerned or your pet has one of these symptoms.

We carry variety of Prescription Diets for dogs / cats and will be glad to discuss your concerns in the well being of your pet. We are sure you will be glad and your pet will have an healthy and happy life.

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