Congestive Heart Failure

Congestive Heart Failure

Dogs develop heart failure either from the weakness of heart valves (mostly in older from teeth infection) or weakness of the heart muscle (which is more genetic). If the fluid builds up from heart failure into chest or abdomen, is called Congestive Heart Failure. Some pets are born with Heart Defects.

Common symptoms in dogs with congestive heart failure include coughing, lack of energy, exercise intolerance, difficulty in breathing, fainting, abdominal swelling or congestion in lungs. Regular pet examination is important for early detection of heart disease to manage the treatment with medications or detary restrictions but there is no cure after developing the heart failure.

Mention that you read this on our Website and we will give you 10% discount on X-Rays, Blood Test, EKG & Ultrasound. We strongly recommend that chest x-rays and blood work in all older pets over 8 years of age be a part of the annual physical exam and also before general anesthesia for any elective procedure.

Please call us at (562) 630-2082 and make an appointment with the doctor to examine your pet. We can also refer you to a Cardiologist if you desire.

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