Bats And Rabies

Bats And Rabies

Pet do get Rabies from “playing” with a bat that later tests positive for Rabies..

What should be done with my pet now? It is recommended that any non vaccinated dog or cat be put-to-sleep if exposed to a rabid animal or it should be confined in isolation for 6 months and vaccinated 1 month prior to release. If the pet is currently vaccinated, it should be re vaccinated immediately and confined for 45 days in isolation.

What about owner exposure to the bat? The owner should seek his or her physician’s medical advice.

What are the clinical signs of Rabies in bats? The paralysis is common in bats, may appear disoriented and aggressive.

If a person finds a bat in their house, what he or should do? Call the animal control or public health agency to pick up the bat.

What should a person do if they see a downed bat outside? People and animals should not come into physical contact with a bat. A downed bat is probably not a healthy so call the animal control authority to pick it up for testing for Rabies.

Should bat populations be destroyed? No, bats are a protected species, and some species are classified as state or federally endangered.

Should indoor pets be vaccinated for rabies? It is advisable to keep indoor pets vaccinated for rabies.

How can Rabies be prevented? People should be encouraged to avoid contact with bats. Pets should be vaccinated for rabies.

Please call the local Department of Animal Control when you see a downed bat and DO NOT try to pick it up or get bit. Please paste this link and access the Department of Public Health for more info:

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