Allergies in Dogs and Cats

Allergies in Dogs and Cats

Allergies in Pets  causing excessive itching, redness or infection of skin. Pets can have one or more kind of allergy, Fleas and Grass. Recent advances in flea control products such as Comfortis, FrontlineGold, Revolution, NexGard, Bravecto , have significantly reduced flea allergy. Aggressive flea control on pets and environment is the key. Food Allergy is also very common in pets with a variety of symptoms.

Remember …. everything that itches is not always due to an allergy and neither does every allergy causes itching. Call us at 562-630-2082 about Food Allergy as we have of Prescription Diets fom Hills, Purina and Royal Canin.

An accurate diagnosis is very important and yes … if not all, most of the allergies can be diagnosed, treated or managed for a “good night sleep”. Many new drugs are also available, though costly in long term to significantly reduce allergy symptoms. We can also refer complicated cases to a Dermatology Specialist, in case you desire! Please, call us at 562-630-2082 to schedule an appointment for your pet today with our doctor if your pet is itching!.

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