Get the Genuine products from our Office sold directly to us by Manufacturers with their Rebate Coupons, for our currently updated patients we have examined in our office by the doctor.
1. Fleas and Tick medications For our patients only which are Current in our Files and were examined by the doctor in our office
Monthly Dosage of Frontline Gold Topical for Fleas and Ticks,  Comfortis A pill For Fleas,  Nexgard A Treat for Fleas and Ticks,  Revolution  Topical for Fleas and helps in Heartworms & Ear mites, and  Bravecto pill for Fleas & Ticks works upto 3 Months

2. Limited Time Only: $25.00 instant discount on any service of $150 or a $35 towards a future visit when you spend $250 services expiring 12/31/2021.

3. Puppy and Kitten Packages: These are the Best and Affordable Package to start a Health Program for Your Puppy or Kitten.
4. Seniors and Service Clubs Members Discount: Courtesy 10 % discount for Seniors and Community Service Club 
members, for Professional Services only (not Prescription Diets). Please ask at the counter.
5. Low Cost Vaccines Clinic:  Affordable preventive health care Clinics on: Saturdays from 10:30 am-1:30 pm on first come first basis
All Dogs must be on Leashes and all Cats in Pet Carriers.

Only people wearing Mask will be allowed inside, one person with one pet only (All Consultations or physical examinations are ONLY WITH SCHEDULED APPOINTMENTS).

We appreciate your patience in delays for everyone and Staff Safety due to COVID-19. Please call 562-630-2082 when you arrive at door for your turn & wait inside cars until called in for your turn. Thanks for Understanding!

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